Ground support equipment

Airport equipment

BAS Global offers a variety of airport equipment. Both passenger and cargo handling.

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All ground support equipment complies with IATA standards.

Equipment marked with CE complies with European regulation.

Tow tractors from 12 ton to 55 ton. (CE)

Snow plows and sweepers

Cargo loaders (CE)

Catering trucks

Passenger staircases

Aircraft air conditioner, starter unit

Belt loader. (CE)

 Lavatory truck with man lift

Ground power unit, trailer or truck mounted (CE).

Garbage truck

Potable water with man lift

Deicing Vehicles

 Cargo - lugage handling

Cargo/ lugage handling  (CE)

 Handicap access

Handicap access

 Refuel, both tanker and pipeline disp

Refueling, both tanker and pipeline dispenser

 Towbarless tractors incl. A380

Towbarless tractors incl. Airbus A380. (CE)

 Airport bus

Airport bus. (CE)


Solid state power unit (CE)

Baggage tow tractor. (CE)